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      We are dedicated to the natural environment in the following ways:

  • Approximately two acres have been cultivated with medicinal herbs, fruit trees and local tropical fruits, all of which are available to our guests for their consumption. The birds and animals love them too.         
  • We do not use any chemical fertilizers, bug sprays or the like anywhere.
  •  A portion of your rental payment is always put back into the farm to promote the health of the environment.
  • Whenever possible, we purchase adjoining properties.  A few years ago, we purchased 5 acres of first and second growth forest that happens to be our view from the house looking out over a ravine.  Not only is it luscious and fascinating with lianas and flocks of various birds, it provides the seclusion our guests are looking for.  We offer a guided trail hike throughout this area, which is very educational.
  • Although we have many types of exotic trees growing on our property, which are esteemed for their use as building materials, we do not allow any cutting of those trees for our use, or for profit.
  • As Alexander Skutch remarks, “we must learn to live in harmony with our natural environment and tread lightly on the planet earth.”  We agree wholeheartedly and for this reason we have decided to have a minimum of modern day gadgets to distract the peace and quiet you will find so valuable and refreshing at La Joya.
  • We wish to share the special benefits of retreat that bring forth health, serenity and communion with nature.  For this reason, we have designed our retreat to enhance these goals.

Thank you for your interest in La Joya.  Please book early this year so that you may have the opportunity to share our retreat this coming season.  And, please feel free to contact us at for any further questions.

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